Friday, November 17, 2017

Who's Coming to Austin Fling? Plus a hotel update

Wondering who is attending Austin Garden Bloggers Fling? These awesome bloggers, that's who!

Here are the bloggers, plus a few select sponsors, who've already registered for our event next May 3-6, 2018, which includes 3-1/2 days of garden touring and socializing in fun, friendly Austin, Texas. We'll update this list continually as spaces are filled.

Currently we have bloggers from 27 states and 3 countries! Won't you join us? Click for info on how to register!

While you're here, we want to give an update about our official hotel, the Marriott Courtyard Downtown. As some of you know, our block of rooms at the special Fling rate was snapped up in the flood of registrations in the very first week. Austin Fling is a hot ticket, and we're 3/4 sold out already, which is wonderful! But that means if you weren't an early bird, you may be eyeing a hotel rate that's higher than we both would like.

We don't want anyone not to be able to attend because of hotel cost. We're pursuing two options: we're looking into whether any nearby hotels are offering rooms at less than the current rate at our official hotel, and we're encouraging bloggers to room-share.

Sharing a room with a fellow Flinger makes a hotel stay more affordable, plus it's a great way to make a new friend or reconnect with an old friend. We know that not everyone wishes to have a roommate, and that's totally OK. But if you ARE willing to have or be a roomie, we hope you will put yourself out there on our Facebook post about finding a Fling roommate or our blog post. We want to help facilitate room-sharing so that everyone who wants to attend the Fling can do so!

Oh, and if you're already registered, and you notice that a blogging friend is missing from this list, please encourage them to come. And if you're a blogger who's on the fence, or you see that no one from your state or region is listed -- hey, come represent and join the fun!

Registered Attendees

Mary Beth Shaddix -- Mary Beth Shaddix


Brenda Embry -- The Blonde Gardener

Gerhard Bock -- Succulents and More
Kelly Kilpatrick -- Floradora
Gail Lord -- Piece of Eden
Denise Maher -- A Growing Obsession
Kathleen Melikian -- Queen of the Dirt
Renee Pasman -- Gardening Turned Up to Eleven
Jim Peterson -- Garden Design
Kris Peterson -- Late to the Garden Party
Kathy Stoner -- GardenBook

Brandon Coppin -- Botanical Interests
Judy Seaborn -- Botanical Interests
Jennifer Spainhower -- Botanical Interests

Jenn McGuinness -- Frau Zinnie

Karin Hicks -- Southern Meadows

Mary Ann Newcomer -- Gardens of the Wild Wild West

Carol Michel -- May Dreams Gardens

Jean McWeeney -- Dig, Grow, Compost, Blog

Claire Jones -- The Garden Diaries
Teri Speight -- Cottage in the Court

Pat Leuchtman -- Commonweeder

Natalie Carmolli -- Spring Meadow Nursery
Stefanie Gilmour -- See Jane Dig

Jennifer Ebeling -- 6ft Mama
Mary Schier -- My Northern Garden

David Cristiani -- It's a Dry Heat
Teresa Odle -- Gardening In a Drought
Ellen Zachos -- Backyard Forager

Jim Charlier -- Art of Gardening
Kevin Gepford -- Fuchsias in the City
Elizabeth Licata -- Garden Rant
Theo Margelony -- Fuchsias in the City
Lynn Yenkey -- Sin City to Slaterville

Daricia McKnight -- A Charlotte Garden
Tonya Peele -- Plant + Shoot
Lisa Wagner -- Natural Gardening

Kylee Baumle -- Our Little Acre
Louise Hartwig -- Two Girls With a Purpose
Sue Heppeard -- Two Girls With a Purpose

Dee Nash -- Red Dirt Ramblings

Ann Amato -- Amateur Bot-ann-ist
Loree Bohl -- Danger Garden
Darcy Daniels -- eGardenGo
Jennifer Dennis -- The Rainy Day Gardener
Jane Finch-Howell -- MulchMaid
Alyse Lansing -- Garden Inspiration Blog
Tamara Paulat -- Chickadee Gardens
Heather Tucker -- Just a Girl With a Hammer

Layanee DeMerchant -- Ledge & Gardens

Julie Adolf -- Garden Delights
Janet Ledebuhr -- The Queen of Seaford

Gail Eichelberger -- Clay and Limestone

Vicki Blachman -- Playin' Outside
Jennifer Brown -- Victory or Death! the Garden (Bus Captain)
Shirley Fox -- Rock-Oak-Deer
Caroline Homer -- The Shovel-Ready Garden
Catherine Jones -- The Whimsical Gardener
Diana Kirby -- Sharing Nature's Garden (Austin Fling Chairwoman)
Linda Lehmusvirta -- Central Texas Gardener
Laurin Lindsey -- Ravenscourt Gardens
Shawn Michael -- Ravenscourt Gardens
Pam Penick -- Digging (Austin Fling Planner)
Susan Tomlinson -- The Bicycle Garden
Cindy Tournier -- From My Corner of Katy
Jennifer Trandell -- The Botanical Journey
Laura Wills -- Wills Family Acres (Austin Fling Planner)
Sheryl Williams -- Yard Fanatic (Bus Captain)

Wendy Hatoum -- High Country Gardens
Jenny Prince -- American Meadows

Lorene Edwards Forkner -- Pacific Horticulture
Grace Hensley -- Fashion Plants

Beth Stetenfeld -- PlantPostings
Anneliese Valdes -- Cobrahead

Helen Battersby -- Toronto Gardens (Ontario)
Janet Davis -- The Paintbox Garden (Ontario)
Liza Drozdov -- Hortus TV (Ontario)
Margaret Mishra -- Homegrown - Adventures in My Garden (Ontario)
Joanne Shaw -- Down 2 Earth Landscapes (Ontario)
Patterson Webster -- Site & Insight (Quebec)

Michelle Chapman -- Veg Plotting
Helen Johnstone -- The Patient Gardener
Barbara Segall -- The Garden Post 
Victoria Summerley -- Tales from Awkward Hill


  1. So many great folks! I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting many new faces.

    1. The gardens are always a treat, but it's the people who make the Fling the Fling.

  2. Look at that Oregon delegation! I can’t wait to see Austin gardens and share the fun with bloggers from all over!!

    1. Us too! And yes, what a great group from Oregon!

  3. Garden Bloggers are the best! Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.


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